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Marine Rated, Semi-flexible Solar Modules
By Eco-Energy
Marine Grade Solar Modules by Eco-Energy

GANZ Eco-Energy’s fully weatherproof solar modules are designed to provide clean, quiet and reliable power in 6W, 12W, 30W, 40W, and 55W models for rugged marine and other outdoor applications. An unbreakable plastic film surface with semi-flexible aluminum backing make these panels ideal for mounting on flat or gently curved decks. These solar cells have a very high conversion efficiency, providing maximum power while taking up less space on deck or in your backpack. Each panel has 4 grommet finished holes for mounting along with 10 ft. of 12 gauge outdoor rated cable that connects directly to your battery or a charge controller.

Specifications GSP55 GSP40 GSP30 GSP12 GSPV6 GSP80
Maximum Output 55 Watts 40 Watts 30 Watts 12 Watts 6 Watts 80 Watts
Max Output Current 3.2 Amps 2.3 Amps 1.74 Amps 0.78 Amps 0.39 Amps 4.6A
Max Output Voltage 17.2 Volts 17.2 Volts 17.2 Volts 15.3 Volts 15.3 Volts 17.2V
Short Circuit Current 3.56 Amps 2.52 Amps 1.93 Amps 0.86 Amps 0.42 Amps 5.04A
Open Circuit Voltage 21.6 Volts 21.6 Volts 21.6 Volts 19.3 Volts 19.2 Volts 21.6V
Length 34.6" 29.8" 22.1" 15.8" 11.8" 35.7"
Width 20.5" 18" 20.5" 14.1" 10.0" 28.4"
Weight 7.3 lbs 5.2 lbs 4.4 lbs 2.3 lbs 1.4 lbs 10.6 lbs
Price $859 $619 $459 $199 $114 $999

As a guideline, a charge controller should be used when the solar panel to battery ratio exceeds 10Wto 100Ah. These modules offer a 2 year limited materials warranty; made in China, very similar to the former Solarex “MSX Lite” product line. These are built to give you years of economic power and portability for RVs, boats, traffic signals, marine environment, wherever you need portable & reliable power.


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